Sunday, 11 March 2018

[40K - Imperial Guard] 15th Hyrkan Armoured Sentinel

Growing up on a diet of the original '70's Star Wars movies, Mechwarrior games on the PC and Battletech novels meant that I was always going to be a fan of the Imperial Guard Armoured Sentinel miniature. 

You just can't get past those sexy chicken legs.

I love the concept of mechanised walkers in Sci-Fi armies and had hoped that different (larger) designs would be released for the Guard eventually, but it seems it isn't to be. 

That said, I'm not a huge fan of how this one turned out. It was one of three 2nd hand Sentinels I picked up cheap off ebay in a bulk buy - only to find out they'd been put together using liquid cement and put together poorly at that. 

Lots of hacking away with a scalpel was required to fix the horrible errors in assembly and I had to hit up an online bitz dealer to replace parts too damaged to use again. 

Not such a cheap buy after all. 

Disheartened by the overall crappy condition of the base mini, I was a bit haphazard in my painting and unfortunately it shows. 

Hopefully the next two will be improved and I might even revisit this one.


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  1. You may say that this was painted a bit haphazardly, but I think it's amazing! I can't wait to see the other two.

    How did you get the optics looking so good? I assume you used the technical gem paints, but how did you get that dark tint on them if you don't mind me asking?